10 Best Super Bowl Recipes – Easy Vegetarian Food Ideas for Game Day Party | Chef In You

You might be watching the Super Bowl because you are a die hard fan rooting for your team. If not, you might be there to give company to your sport loving family. Or you possibly like me are just there for the food and commercials! Either way, munching your way through hearty grub whilst watching TV is tradition 🙂 Here are few vegetarian/vegan options to put together that’s perfect for a great party that you might be hosting or simply just for the cozy partners and kids.

If you thought Mac and Cheese was a good idea, then these fried Mac and Cheese Balls are even better!! Get the recipe here.

If you love your Mexican fare, then this dip should definitely be in your party agenda. Get the recipe here.

Old standby is always a good idea, but it doesnt hurt to jazz up the classic once in a while. Give this a try just for that beautiful color! Get the recipe here.

WAIT! DON’T GO! Yes, I know what you thought. But I am confidant that this recipe will make you a convert. It has proved its worth again and again. Get the recipe here.

A family favorite for a very good reason. Hearty yet without weighing you down. It has sport grub written all over it. Get the recipe here.

Not all cornbread are created equal. This one would be an instant hit with mild heat and cheesy flavor. Get the recipe here.

While we are talking about Jalapenos, I cannot help but mention this immensely flavorful, creamy and deliciously roasted Jalapeno Soup. I think that says it all! Get the recipe here.

When a super healthy (and green!) ingredient gets such a makeover that even kids eat it heartily, you know its hit a home run! This Greek classic is all about being addictive. The fact that it even has spinach will go unnoticed. Get the recipe here.

Can a list be complete without pizza in it? This stuffed crust pizza needs no explanation. Get the recipe here.

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