17 Easy Vegetarian Summer Recipes – healthy and mostly low carb meal ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts. 
17 Easy Vegetarian Summer Recipes
With Summer and warmer weather just around the corner, I’ve put together this roundup of easy vegetarian summer recipes that I’ll be enjoying this summer season. 
I made this weekly last summer and see it appearing on the menu time and time again this summer. It’s just so easy to prepare, tasty and a hit with the whole family. 
For when you know it’s going to be a hot day coming up, you can prepare this breakfast casserole and have it ready and waiting in the fridge. 
This lemon superfood smoothie is a refreshing drink that could be enjoyed as a snack or meal. 
A low carb milkshake that’s a super sweet treat when it’s a warm summer day. 
Chia Puddings make a great breakfast, healthy snack or dessert. They are perfect to prepare ahead of time and have a nourishing treat waiting for you when needed. 
This high protein vegan broccoli salad has only a few ingredients yet is as hearty as a meal. 
This quiche is a perfect breakfast, lunch or dinner through summer. It’s perfect to take along to picnics too. 
When asparagus is in season, this lemony salad is the perfect way to celebrate the start of summer. 
This is my latest go to salad – complete with the flavours of the Mediterranean, this protein rich salad is a wonderful summer lunch or dinner. 
I adore halloumi and this salad celebrates the flavours of summer – in a hearty meal that’s perfect for warmer days. 
This lemon ricotta cake is really simple to prepare, has only a few ingredients and, as a bonus, is high in protein. 
If you’re after a dairy free summer dessert, then this vegan strawberry cheesecake mousse is a delicious solution. 
This chocolate mousse is smooth, creamy and tastes like a chocolate cheesecake – yet with a fraction of the carbs! 
Another sweet treat with the flavours of lemon and ricotta, this mousse is a tasty crowd pleaser. 
These mascarpone stuffed strawberries make a decadent summer dessert that’s perfect to prepare when you’re entertaining. 
If you’re a peanut butter fan then you’ll love this simple, indulgent mousse. 
And finally, this 4 ingredient raspberry mousse is the picture of summer – berries blended into creamy dessert perfection. 
As you can see, there are loads of easy vegetarian summer recipes to enjoy through the warmer weather. 
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