When it comes to the cheap and easy plant-based bulk bin items, you can’t go wrong with lentils. These powerhouse protein legumes are always on hand at our house. I keep red, green, and either black or French on hand at any given time. Each lentil variety has a place in these lentil recipes.

Vegetarian Lentil Recipes


Leading with the most obvious, lentil soups and stews are hearty and filling. I will say, however, I don’t make your traditional lentil soups. I love big flavors, like those found in curry and berbere blends. Best of all, these soups are really up to the challenge of pairing with loads of vegetables.


Next up, my favorite category. Typically you’d see beans as the basis for tacos and enchiladas but I love a good hearty lentil in the mix. Lentils especially come in handy if you don’t have any beans already cooked since most the lentils are cooked in 30 (and can be cooked with spices, just like beans!)

Lentil Bites

This category is a bit specific but with good reason. I love a good lentil bite (or ‘meat’ball if that’s how you want to roll). It’s such a magical thing and it’s hard to explain which means you just need to try it for yourself. I’ve found so many ways to use these bites but this is just a few of my favorite:

Main Dishes

This category contains some of my favorite recipes, and I’m talking all kinds, not just lentil recipes. The masala lentils are a fan favorite while I would gladly eat the sloppy joes every week.


Finally, the last category of salads. I usually reserve lentils in salads for using leftovers. Of course, you don’t always have to do that! Lentils make for a hearty addition to greens. I love using French or Black lentils in salads. They are beautiful and hold their shape really well.

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