It has been thunder storm after thunderstorm here lately so I thought I would share a few of my latest faves to brighten things up! I enjoyed making each of these awesome cakes but I’ve saved my absolute number one favorite for last!!

1. Skater Cake!

This is a buttercream cake (click HERE for my buttercream recipe!) that I lightly airbrushed for the sunset effect. After that I covered the cake board in gray fondant and made the impressions with on of my Fondant Tools, followed by the black “silhouette.”

Instead of fondant for the silhouette I used candy clay (I always use the recipe from Jessica Harris’ Clean and Simple Cake Design Class!), because it is soooooo much easier to cut smaller details with candy clay! Fondant stretches so much that it can be a total nightmare!

The topper I prepared days in advance – even with gum paste always make sure there is plenty of dry time! After the gum paste had hardened I used Food Coloring Markers to draw the graffiti name. I also drew the 8. Then for the grunge effect I used the markers and dusted on some Powder Food Color.

2. Rainbow Kitty Cake!

5 Fun Summer Cakes! - Rainbow Kitty Cake by Queen's Cake Creations!This special cake was for my youngest daughter Laney’s 7th birthday! She requested a rainbow kitty birthday and I’ll admit at first I wasn’t quite sure how to pull that one off! hehe But I pulled out my sketch pad and came up with this sweet design that she loved!

I used a swiss meringue buttercream for this cake for a couple reasons. Not only can I get it super smooth, and have an easy time getting the sprinkles to stick, but it tastes soooooo good. And with the theme I had to work with what’s better than “Lisa Frank” sprinkles?!!

Those cute kitty ears are made of sugar cookies, and the fancy tiara is gum paste covered in edible disco glitter. The wings are gum paste as well, but boy were they giving me trouble! My original design I planned to do the wings entirely different, but with other cake orders and a big party to plan I was overwhelmed and decided to print an edible image for the wings to give myself a little break 😉

3. Floral Chevron Cake

This, like a lot of cakes I’m requested to make, is not my original design, but I was so excited to make such a gorgeous cake! A buttercream cake with gorgeous pink and peach gum paste flowers, minty green accents, and gold chevron! Oh la la!

Now since I’m always as honest as I can be on here, I’m going to admit I was losing it I was so mad at that chevron! lol Not only is chevron sometimes a bit of a pain to get on a cake, but I just couldn’t for the life of me get that gold to look as smooth and pristine as I wanted it to, even though usually I have no trouble at all!

I painted the chevron after I had it on the cake (because doing it before hand would have just ruined it during my transfer method) and it was a lesson in frustration.  Though I’ll admit I can maaaaybe get a little OCD when it comes to cakes, so finally, after spending way way WAY too much time fussing over it, I had to accept that I couldn’t get it any better than it was and leave it at that.

Overall though the cake turned out beautifully, and my customer was THRILLED with how it came out and to me thats all that matters! No lie, when a customer is so happy with my work it really brightens my day!

4. Dude Perfect Sports Cake!

This fun sports cake was my own design 😀 After being told some of the birthday boy’s favorite things (Dude Perfect on YouTube and sports, especially baseball) this is what I came up with! Full fondant chocolate cake with orange cream filling!

Getting that nice wood look for the baseball bat is really easy! Just swirl 2 different shades of brown fondant together without blending it too much, and roll it out. Easy peasy and adds a nice touch!

For the baseball and the basketball I broke out those Food Coloring Markers again! Since I just couldn’t seem to get the soccer ball pattern right I printed out an edible image and adhered it to fondant, and the football was all fondant.

5. Mermaid cake!

Ahh last but not least my absolute FAVORITE cake of the summer so far! Though being as I’ve loved mermaids ever since I was obsessed with The Little Mermaid as a kid I think I’m a little biased 😉

I used fondant for the accents (and Tylose powder for the 6 and mermaid tail to harden) and airbrushed a lovely pearl sheen on the seashells, number topper, and mermaid tail. I purchased THIS mermaid and seashell mould set and it’s come in handy so many times!

For her name I created an edible image. Side note: I’m so glad I finally splurged and got a Canon edible image printer (I chose a package like this one that came with the frosting sheets and ink as well, though I’m pretty sure I purchased mine on eBay) There are sooo many uses beyond your usual grocery store images you think of.

But back to her name image; Using a scale pattern I found online and the ever useful and amazing PicMonkey I created the pretty label! If there’s ever any editing you can’t figure out with PicMonkey, the answer is just a google away lol. I’ve figured out several neat tricks that way! Though of course PicMonkey itself has it’s own tab for learning 🙂

Another thing I loved about this cake was how the cake board turned out. I traced and cut to size glitter scrap book paper (12×12 size) that I checked to make sure wasn’t getting glitter everywhere, and hot glued it to the cardboard cake board (I glue 2 together), and glued a pretty ribbon around the edge. I used another cake board under the cake, I didn’t set the cake directly on the glitter paper! and I glued that too.

The beautiful and bright color scheme along with the theme of this cake combine for one adorable effect I just can’t get enough of!

Which cake is your favorite? What’s a cake design or flavor you’d like to see? Let me know in the comments!

Much Love! 💜

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