DO you wish to perk up your vegetarian meals in such a way that quickly counteracts the advantages of eating vegetables? Try these cooking strategies.

Include plenty of the vegetarian chef’s ‘secret ingredient’

Otherwise referred to as salt. The unfortunate truth about vegetables is they frequently taste of water, blandness or cabbage. Nevertheless salt makes whatever taste much better. Salt is fantastic, apart from making your heart explode.

Include a shitload of cheese

Cheese is so nice you might put it on a brick and it would be appealing to consume, which is why individuals put it on vegetables. However, do not be surprised when all that healthy veg you’re consuming makes you inexplicably chubby.

Lots of vegetarians are so dependent on cheese they might also be called ‘cheesarians’, specifically as their bodies are now 80% cholesterol.

Smother them in creamy sauce

Sadly creamy, cheesy, buttery sauces are so bad for you it makes consuming healthy vegetables pointless. This is what scientists call ‘the cauliflower cheese paradox’.

Dip them in what is basically sugar and fat

While crudités and dips appear excellent for you, if you’re dipping them into condiments like cattle ranch dressing or honey mustard sauce, you might also be taking pleasure in that carrot stick with a dollop of Golden Syrup and some beef leaking.

To actually cancel out the health advantages of raw veggies, make certain you scoop up 4 times as much dipping sauce as veggie.

Tempura everything

Covering something in batter and cooking it in boiling fat is fairly calorific whether it’s broccoli or a questionable chip store sausage. If you call it ‘tempura’ it’s clearly absolutely different to common individuals’s ‘deep fat frying’.