These are the best vegetarian recipes, organized by protein, with breakfast recipes included!

I don’t know what you and your friends are like, but the blogging world is on fire right now with intentions, goals, and dreams for 2019. 

I’m thrilled with all that I accomplished last year and can’t wait to dig into this year’s goals, which include growing my business, improving my skills, and living a life I love. Yes, my actual goals are much more specific than that but I’m guessing you’re here for the FOOD!

I love that many of the people who read this blog are meat eaters. I haven’t shared a recipe using meat in years, but you still make my vegetarian recipes because you’re trying to eat less meat, are dipping your toes in the vegetarian waters, or are cooking for someone else who doesn’t eat meat.

One thing I try to do with my recipes is keep them pretty “normal”, rarely using any specialty items that might be hard to find. I also want them to be filling and nutritious because that’s the whole reason to eat, right?!

To kick off the new year I’m sharing with you 50 of my best vegetarian recipes, organized by protein. I’ve also isolated breakfast, because so many people don’t know what to make in the mornings. Many of these meals are accidentally vegan, meaning it’s just good food that happens to be plant based. If they’re not vegan, there are usually instructions within the post for adapting the recipe to a plant based diet.

Hopefully this will help you plan some wholesome meals for the new year. Don’t forget to take my reader survey so I can make sure I’m serving up what you want to see in 2019.

If you’re looking to go totally meatless check out my post on how to transition to vegetarian, and be sure to sign up for my mailing list to receive 100 vegetarian dinner ideas as well as be notified when I post a new recipe!

I’ll be back with a special post on Monday, where I’ll be sharing a killer recipe for those doing Veganuary!

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