We at team Get Healthy U cook a lot, so we are always on the lookout for new ways to create healthy and delicious recipes in less time. Our latest and greatest favorite healthy cooking gadget is the ! If you are not familiar with this stellar kitchen gadget let us get you up to speed.

The instant pot is a pressure cooker/crock pot that is miraculously able to prepare roasts, whole chickens, stews, soups, beans, rice and even makes yogurt at rocket lightning speed!  Aside from these amazing options the instant pot also sautés, steams, simmers, and can be used as a warmer. We love cooking healthy meals, and the instant pot makes cooking healthy, simple, and convenient. We have collected these spectacular and fool proof healthy recipes from our favorite foodies, and made them in a 6 quart instant pot. Try these quick and easy meals to make the most out of your time. Cook, eat, laugh, love and instant pot!

1. Minestrone Soup by Don’t Mess with Ma Ma

This easy and delicious minestrone soup is perfect anytime of year, and can be made with ingredients you likely have on hand already! This recipe calls for gluten-free pasta but you can use whatever you prefer.

2. Lentil Tortilla Soup by Peas and Carrots

Meat eaters and vegetarians alike will love this lentil tortilla soup recipe! This hearty and delicious protein packed soup is loaded with vibrant southwestern flavors and yummy lentils. We love to garnish this tortilla soup with fresh jalapeño, cilantro and avocado.

3. Everything Greek Pork Pitas by Pinch Of Yum

This healthy Greek pork pita recipe is the bomb! This will quickly become one of your new favorite recipes, because it is so versatile. Top these tender pork pitas with feta, tomatoes, tzatziki, lettuce, red onion, lemon and more for a fully loaded version you’ll love!   

4. Sweet Potato Chicken Curry by The Real Food RD’s 

We love everything about this protein packed chicken curry recipe loaded with fresh veggies, and topped with crunchy cashews. The best part of this delicious dinner is that it is done start to finish in under 30 minutes!

5. Creamed Fennel and Cauliflower Soup by Foraged Dish

This rich and creamy fennel and cauliflower soup recipe is Paleo, vegan, and (autoimmune disease friendly) Honestly, this recipe is everything healthy and amazing!! You won’t believe how delicious this recipe is, you have to make it STAT!

6. Whole Chicken by The Real Food RD’s

This delicious recipe for a tender roasted chicken is amazing and so simple to make! Try this quick and easy recipe for chicken to top salads, toss in soup, and make easy go-to meals during the week.  

7. Instant Pot Andouille Sausage Stew by Everyday Maven 

Spice up your night with this instant pot andouille sausage stew packed with tomatoes, collard greens, potatoes, and other delicious ingredients.   

8. Instant Pot Beef Drip Sandwiches by The Slender Kitchen 

Sink your teeth into these instant pot beef drip sandwiches for a savory french dip recipe that makes succulent, tender, and delicious beef in about an hour. This easy recipe is perfect for parties or game day food because you need only 5 minutes to prep and the instant pot does the rest!

We hope you get inspired by these 8 healthy and super tasty instant pot recipes, and get cooking! These easy, effortless meals are incredible because the instant pot does all of the work for you. Here is to healthy, fresh meals, that give you more free time to enjoy your life, and live better!

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