Who says that taco night has to be relinquished to only Tuesday? Today, we’re celebrating the meatless side of the taco world with these 9 recipes for vegetarian taco recipes that’ll satisfy even the pickiest carnivore in your household. The trick to making “meaty” meatless tacos is to pick filling ingredients that are deep and rich in flavor and filling as well. Think mushroom, potatoes, black beans, and avocados. By topping these with creative condiments, you’ll have a crave-worthy taco for any night of the week.

Strips of meaty portobello mushrooms take the place of chicken or fish in these fresh summery tacos with crunchy red cabbage and a big squeeze of lime. (Recipe and photo: A House in the Hills)

Yes, you can cook avocados! With a light and crispy beer batter, avocados turn crunchy on the outside and creamy on the inside, perfectly complemented by a fresh corn salsa. (Recipe and photo: The Beeroness)

Creamy Mexican-spiced mashed potatoes are best served inside homemade crispy tortilla shells for a delicious contrast of textures. Topped with a simple smashed avocado guacamole and your other condiments of choice, these tacos will stick to your ribs. (Recipe and photo: A Candid Appetite)

You can create a “meaty” filling by roasting seasonal sweet potatoes with cumin, paprika, and coriander. Tossed together with black beans, corn, honey, and lime, these sweet and spicy tacos make for a great Fall dinner. (Recipe and photo: Cooking Classy)

Alice ingeniously turns a classic Szechuan tofu recipe into the filling for a Chinese-inspired taco. The tofu is breaded then baked until crunchy and topped with a spicy sauce. (Recipe and photo: Hip Foodie Mom)

Use whatever fresh veggies you have on hand (like squash, peppers, onions, and mushrooms) to create these simple, flexible tacos topped with a spicy sour cream. (Recipe and photo: Sweet Basil)

Strips of grilled poblano peppers (known as rajas or “shreds) add a spicy and smoky flavor to these fresh tacos with grilled sweet corn and a creamy sauce.(Recipe and photo: Grab a Plate)

Instead of popping open a can, learn how to make your own healthy refried beans at home to stuff inside these simple, filling tacos. (Recipe and photo: Produce on Parade)

Simple spiced black beans serve as the main filling for these tacos but what really makes them shine is the crunch of a shaved radish salsa and the saltiness of feta cheese. (Recipe and photo: A Couple Cooks featured on NoshOn.It)

Plus, a few tips to help you become a taco master:

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