One of the questions we have been getting recently is – What Are Your Favorite Baobab Recipes?  This is a tough one to answer, since we love using Baobab in so many different ways.  Strangely, one of our favorite Baobab Recipes is also one of the easiest…

Limitless Lemonade – Baobab and Lemons, A Terrific Pair

The Baobab Fruit has a slightly sour and tangy citrus flavor.  We love to add 2 scoops of the Organic Limitless Baobab Powder to 8 ounces of Lemonade.  The folks at Limitless Good call it Limitless Lemonade.  It taste terrific and of course has all the nutrients that the Baobab Fruit provides.

Here is the complete Limitless Lemonade recipe – but you really don’t need it, since it is so simple.

We could tell you, one by one, all of our favorite Baobab recipes, but why not just go direct to the source?  Take a look at all the Baobab Fruit Recipes here, you will see there is a lot more than just Baobab Smoothies.

If you are more of a visual learner, here is a great video on how to make a Baobab Smoothie –

Can You Bake with Baobab?

Yes, yes you can!  You can make Baobab cookies and Baobab brownies.  It is true that you loose some of the nutrients when you heat the Baobab fruit, but it still has plenty of antioxidants and fiber – even after you bake it.

Experiment With Baobab and Tell Us Your Favorite Recipes

You really can’t go wrong when getting the Baobab Fruit into your diet.  Experiment with the Baobab Fruit and try a few different variations.  Baobab tends to go well with other citrus fruits, so keep that in mind when making your recipes.

Do us a favor, if you come up with a great new Baobab recipe, drop us a line and let us know!

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