fresh fish for sale in the old market, Bologna, Italy

We’ve been including more and more fish and meatless recipes into our cuisine at home in the last few years.  How about you?

Oh I know that I’m probably making some carnivores seething mad at the sound of that . .  . but truth be told, being a beefeater Midwesterner where the cows grow fat and large, . . . I do know and understand the research which states that:  too much red meat increases our levels of cholesterol and chances of heart disease.

This was not welcoming research from my university alma mater to declare about one of it’s state’s primary industries (beef)!

I know that my midwestern, beef-loving, NO, beef-craving family does NOT want to hear those words of nutrition-wisdom.

Heck, how do you think we, Italians have felt for years about the anti-carb trend . . . that includes, uh-hum, our dearly, beloved pasta!  

Talk about deprivation!  I could eliminate beef FAR before I could ever cut out pasta from my kitchen any day!  So I guess that leaves us with the question:  What is it that we can cut out and live without?

Well, I admit, I can live without beef for sure!

Living without pork . . . that’s an entirely different issue!

It truly stinks, in fact, to know that what we love so dearly, is really so BAD for us in ‘large quantities’.

SO ENTER the opposite protein please:  FISH! 

I am sharing some absolutely, AMAZINGLY delicious recipes that I prepare for my cherished family and friends.  I hope that you enjoy them as much as we do!


They all look great Roz, and I can personally vouch for the swordfish in the lemon cream sauce. It was a big hit with everyone who ate it.

With your endorsement of the flavor of the swordfish recipe, I can’t think of a higher compliment, Linda!

Lovely round up of fish recipes, Roz. We love a good fish preparation too and you have some delicious ones!

Thanks so much Susan! Glad to always have you stop by!

All delicious looking dishes. When we lived in New England, we had a wonderful collection of fresh seafood available all the time. You would think that living in Florida, we would also have a great selection but unfortunately the selection is small and most has been previously frozen.

Nothing like fresh food, especially when it comes to fish, that’s for sure Karen!

Every one of those dishes looks amazing! I’m eating less meat too, and more fish is a delicious alternative.

When there is a great recipe for fish, I’d pass on beef/pork/chicken any day, Beth!
Thanks for stopping by!
Ciao, Roz

They all look delicious and tasty !Have a good week my dear, a warm hug

I’m making homemade mac and cheese for dinner this Friday—your fish sounds a lot healthier (and more my style). Bill will finally eat a few seafood items, but I have a feeling some of your delicious recipes could sway him on a few more 🙂 Hope you had a lovely Valentine’s Day!

We have definitely been trying to incorporate more fish into our diet, too. Unfortunately, my husband really does not like it. He’ll eat it, but it doesn’t make him happy. He doesn’t like lemon either so I would have to make fish without a lemon sauce (although, I would love it). I think he would like the panko crusted fish recipe above. I will have to make that for him. Also, he doesn’t mind fish tacos. Yours look amazing! Thanks for sharing these, Roz! Any help in the healthy department is appreciated!

I understand Shari! My husband isn’t fond of fish either! Oh well, on we go in our kitchens any way, huh?

Oh Roz! Your recipes look so good! I love fish, I love seafood! My favorite is pike au beurre blanc!!

I, too, really enjoy pike! Thanks for the gentle reminder, ZaZa!

Oh how I wish we could incorporate more fish and seafood imto our diets but it’s so prohibitively expensive out here that once a week is max. However, we have reduced our “meat” consumption with more vegetarian meals. Going through your wonderful fish recipes, I keep revisiting those tacos. Whole foods had cod on sale earlier this week so maybe I need to go back and buy some. I’m ready for some delicious fish tacos.

Hi MJ, I know what you mean about the expense of things when they are not local. If you do make these tacos, I can’t wait to read about the unique New Mexican twist you’ll add, especially with all of your chili specialities. I’m always wanting to know how to make any recipe better!

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