Instant Pot Beef Stew Recipe

Instant Pot beef stew recipe was the recipe that won over my husband, Alex. It was his turn to cook and he pulled out a huge chunk of frozen deer meat, cut it up and it was enough for 4 stews. So, when I say this recipe is tested, it’s tested. In fact, 3 times.

Beef stew recipe with minimum ingredients and maximum flavor. The way I remember my grandma cooked in Ukraine 30 years ago. I met you, my American and Canadian friends, in the middle and added your stew’s staple, peas, at the end. But other than that, it’s my Ukrainian heritage recipe that is neither thick nor soupy, and packs so much flavour, even if you hate cooking, you will want to cook this easy pressure cooker beef stew. I still have a few tricks under my belt.


Nothing is sauteed, no unnecessary ingredients, no “burn” message – the best pressure cooker recipe on the net. I mean it. Go Google yourself and I will see you in 5, you’ll be back.

…Welcome back!

Instant Pot Stew Meat:

How to Avoid “Burn” with Instant Pot Beef Stew?

First of all, my Instant Pot stew will never give you “burn” message. Pinky promise. Secondly, “burn” means not enough liquid, meat or tomato sauce burning at the bottom of the pot. Again, not with my beef stew. Enjoy!

What Size of Instant Pot Do You Recommend?

How to Make Pressure Cooker Beef Stew

Recipes are included for 2 sizes: 6 quart Instant Pot (the most popular) and 8 quart.

Best Pressure Cooker Beef Stew

Keep reading – my 2 final flavour boosters are simple and fresh. I can guarantee you will make this power pressure cooker beef stew recipe again and again!

2. Close the lid, set pressure vent to Sealing and press Stew for 35 minutes. No need to stir.

3. When display says OFF, the stew is almost ready. Now your Instant Pot needs to bring pressure down before you can open it, which will be indicated by a dropped down float valve. You can let it do it on its own which will take about 15-30 minutes – Natural Release. OR you can do Quick Release by turning pressure valve to Venting position, which takes 2-4 minutes.

Why do You Vent Outside?

Big sigh. With kids sports, business, house renos I am always running everywhere. I do not have time to wait for Instant Pot to bring pressure down naturally. I need to feed everyone and go. Venting pressure right after Instant Pot has finished cooking is a very messy process. Liquids are still bubbling because of high pressure. So, to avoid to clean the countertop and house smelling like stew for days, it’s much easier to vent outside. Then hose down the porch in summer and make your neighbours hungry.

4. Open the lid – oh, yeah, baby! Add frozen peas. Now onto my 2 secret weapons – fresh garlic and dill.

What did you think it was? Butterfly flower blue powder?!

No, good old fresh garlic because it’s one thing to cook it, and it’s completely different experience to eat a dish with freshly grated garlic.

And dill. You have never tried dill in a stew? Try and you will be blown away, pinky promise! pressure cooker stew

To Thicken Beef Stew:

If you like thick gravy beef stew, switch electric pressure cooker to Saute. In a small bowl, whisk 1/4 cup cold water + 4 tbsp cornstarch, add to the pot and stir gently. Cook for a few minutes until thickened.

5. Stir and serve hot.electric pressure cooker Beef Stew

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Easy instructions and simple ingredients with blow your mind in this most flavourful Instant Pot Beef Stew Recipe on the web. No Burn message too. Pinky promise, you will love it!

  • Author: Olena of
  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Cook Time: 30 minutes
  • Total Time: 35 minutes
  • Yield: 7 (6 Qt.), 11 (8 Qt.) servings
  • Category: Soup and Stew
  • Method: Instant Pot
  • Cuisine: Ukrainian

6 Quart Instant Pot

8 Quart Instant Pot


Store: Refrigerate in an airtight container or inner Instant Pot pot with a fitting glass lid for up to 5 days.

Freeze: Fully cook, cool completely and freeze in an airtight container for up to 3 months. Thaw on a stovetop covered on low.

*You can use frozen cubed meat. Just add 10 minutes to cooking time.

**Replace with any stock.

To Thicken Beef Stew:

If you like more gravy like beef stew, switch electric pressure cooker to Saute. In a small bowl, whisk 1/4 cup cold water + 4 tbsp cornstarch, add to the pot and stir gently. Cook for a few minutes until thickened.

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