UPDATE – We updated the links since some of them had expired due to changes on our website.  We’ve also reached out to El Fish Fritanga to see how they are doing and how all their fish mounts are holding up.  They have had a couple hurricanes roll through Cancun since we sent them their order.  Hopefully we will hear from them soon.

El Fish Fritanga – Cancun, Mexico
We feel blessed to have had the opportunity to produce a bunch of fish mounts for a cool restaurant and bar in Cancun, Mexico.  El Fish Fritanga is located in the hotel district of Cancun and is a great place to stop by for lunch or to go grab a few drinks at night. 
El Fish Fritanga has been open in Cancun since 2004 and is well known for serving the original Pescadillas (fish tacos). 
The restaurant has tables set out on the sand and a dock going out on to the lagoon so you can come by boat if you’d like. This is a perfect outdoor, Caribbean themed restaurant and bar. Throw in all of the mounts we did for them and the décor fits perfectly being right on the water.
Thinking of the setting of the restaurant we wanted to create a great underwater scene with the mounts and the owners definitely took pride in ordering some big mounts. 
We started out making them an 80” Blue Marlin and a 70” White Marlin. They also had to have some sharks thrown in there as well, which is why they purchased our 67” Hammerhead Shark and our 49” Nurse Shark. Imagine sitting there enjoying your dinner with these sharks lurking [on the wall] in the distance.
Sticking with the fierce mounts, El Fish Fritanga wanted to make sure to have some toothy creatures! They achieved this vision by ordering our 41” Kingfish Mount, 25” Spanish Mackerel Mount, 58” Wahoo Fish Mount and of course finishing it off with a 42” Barracuda fish mount replica!
The next idea for the mounts was to bring in some bottom fish. We did this by making a 38” Black Grouper Fish Replica, 35” Goliath Grouper Mount, 25” Red Grouper Mount, 25” Red Snapper, 32” Hogfish Mount 
El Fish Fritanga also wanted to add in a 22” Permit Mount and a 42” Tarpon Mount, so be sure to look for them as well. 
We finished off our order for the restaurant with a 50” Bull Dolphin Mount, 37” Blackfin Tuna Mount, 44” Bluefin Tuna Mount and two 10” Flying Fish Baitfish Mounts
So, if you are ever in Cancun, make sure to stop by El Fish Fritanga. Grab a few pescadillas, a cerveza and sit back, relax and enjoy looking at all of their fish mounts!

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