Religious expression in public places is usually frowned upon by many but not at Mary’s Gourmet Diner in North Carolina. This small but special diner appreciates diners that pray before their meals by appropriating a discount to them for praying before their meals.

Mary Haglund, the 60-year-old owner of the diner, says she derives so much joy when people are bold to pray in public without a bother and this simple practice; many say is the success to the diner.

Although praying before your meal attracts a discount, Mary does not impose it on her staff or customers as she believes that everyone has the right to a relationship with God.

And as regards to the discount, her staff are free to give the best reduction to the customer as the policy is not advertised or stated when your walk through the diner’s door.

Recently, the diner was in the news and all over social media after a customer was surprised that such act of faith still existed.

Businesswoman Jordan Smith was on a trip to Winston-Stam when she ordered a meal at the Diner with two of her colleagues, after saying a prayer and eating their meal. She was taken aback when she received her bill with a discount on it; wondering why she quizzed the waitress who told her; she got it for praying in public and blessing her meal. Wow, Jordan couldn’t believe it and took a picture, which went viral after she posted it on Facebook.

Orlando Z88.3 radio also got wind of the news after the picture landed on their Facebook page. In an interview, Jordan said, she is surprised how much people appreciate prayers and thanked the owner for such an initiative in building a moral society.

They were especially grateful that Mary has stuck by her guns even though she says her prayer life was weakened by age and acknowledges the Supreme Being and power of prayers.  Although Mary gives discounts for every Christian prayer said, she, however, does not disregard any type of religious expression and clients get a discount as long you pray before your meal.

Prayer for a discount, really not a bad idea and Mary’s Gourmet Diner is doing her bit one step at a time.

What do you think? Can you say a prayer in public or do you wait for Sundays?

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