Without a doubt, vegetarian food’s been reborn in the past couple of years, earning its spot on the table as a main instead of just a side.

If you’re aiming to eat more veggies or observe more Meatless Mondays, these recipes will usher you in the right (delicious) direction. They may even help you to use your typical go-to veggies in a whole new way. Be prepared to be surprised.

Hints of turmeric, mustard seeds and ginger warm up these Indian-inspired burger patties that are perfectly cooled off with the accompanying cucumber-yogurt dip.


A speedy stir-fry is typically made on busy weeknights. Loaded with tofu, broccoli, carrots and red pepper, it’s a delectable way to feel completely indifferent about skipping the meat.

Breakfast for dinner, anyone? The secret flavour booster is canned chipotle in adobo sauce. It’s a simple recipe, so it’s easy to scale up, especially when feeding a crowd.

Red peppers stuffed with quinoa, black beans and quail egg

Revamp pasta night with no gluten or meat in sight. Parmesan cheese and roasted garlic liven up the sauce, bringing a subtle umami to balance out the sweet noodles.

Your inner Julia Child will be very pleased with this tatin recipe. Each tart is topped with caramelized shallots and roasted beets, which is then taken to the next level with a touch of goat cheese for a finishing touch.

You can go all DIY and make the dough from scratch or speed things up with buying it from the store. Either way, this sweet and earthy pizza’s for everyone who love carb-on-carb action.

Rachel Allen’s Everyday Kitchen

Rachel Allen’s Everyday Kitchen

Served with a lemon-chilli dipping sauce, these fritters actually make a great base for a poached egg or oven-roasted tofu steak — especially if you’re looking to add some more protein to your meal.

corn and zucchini fritters

We like to think of this as a tart version of our favourite pizza. Serve it warm with a crisp, green salad on the side.

Cheese, Tomato and Basil Tart

Rachel Allen’s Every Day Kitchen

A dip might sound basic, but this squash and garlic mix is handy enough for any social gathering. Spoon it over freshly baked bread or serve it with veggies to impress your guests time and time again.

The Food Gays

All you need is plenty of crusty bread to dunk into the rich tomato sauce spiked with cayenne and cumin. Melty buffalo mozzarella adds texture and makes the dish heartier, too.

Pretty enough for a dinner party main, this recipe proves that superfood kale is made for more than just smoothies. Grated nutmeg and lemon zest add a special je ne sais quois.

In a pinch for a side dish? Believe it or not, you can make a killer veggie dish with frozen veggies. “With broccoli mushed into the white sauce and the beautiful crunch of almonds and breadcrumbs on top—[this recipe’s] epic,” says Jamie Oliver. We’re going to take his word for it.

The Best Cauliflower and Broccoli Cheese

Why binge on chili-topped nachos when you can have this ridiculously clean, vegetarian-friendly take on them? Cilantro sour cream and a slight squeeze of lime make eating this appetizer a great, unforgettable experience.

The Food Gays
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