Photo by Holly A. Heyser

I was an angler before I was a hunter, and I’ve been cooking fish and seafood, and developing my own recipes for everything that swims, skitters or just sits on the bottom of the water since I was a teenager. Seafood is my first culinary obsession.

For a time I worked professionally as a line cook in a seafood restaurant and spent a while earning my rent as a commercial clammer and fisherman.

Below you will find my favorite fish and seafood recipes, some from “easy” fish, such as salmon, striped bass and trout — I call these “easy” because they are not a stretch for most cooks. I specialize in the weird, however (I am sure this shocks you) so you’ll also find more esoteric fish recipes here, too.


Some baseline techniques you will find useful as you come across various fish and seafood. Many of these apply to so many different kinds of seafood it’s worth compiling them here.

Recipes By Category

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