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Does it seem like life has sped up considerably–and there’s no time for the usual enjoyments? Even for those who have no job or place they have to be on someone else’s schedule, time seems to be lacking. Oh, the clocks still work, the calendar still functions,and television shows go on as scheduled. This is a more subtle thing that I’m observing. Everyone I come in contact with seems to be rushed and tired.

There is no magic formula for a good marriage. Some couples have different interests and spend a lot of time doing their own thing. Others try to grab every possible minute with each other, eschewing time with friends and hobbies. Both types of marriage can be healthy, as long as the people involved are happy with the allocation of time.

Make-Up: Women like to be prepared for any event. For instance, after a power lunch with co-workers, a woman will often go to the bathroom to touch up her make up and apply lipstick. Whether it is natural look or added color, women always want to look their best. Lipstick is usually the most used item in a woman’s make up kit. Mascara can be easily smeared therefore it is a good idea to keep mascara in the purse.

If you’ve ever had feelings for someone, whether it’d be a schoolboy crush or a serious girlfriend, butterflies are often a sign that you are infatuated with the person. Butterflies can also be a sign of nervousness, and many experience them before giving a speech or performing.

But, if you sell pimple … good looks certainly works, as would popularity, praise, self-confidence, and, a case could even be made for health (after all, if you look good, you feel good).

To combat all these problem, Covercraft have produced the ultimate car cover called Sunbrella. The Sunbrella car cover is made from acrylic fibres that have been woven so that they naturally resist the ultra-violet rays from penetrating through. This makes the cover ideal for the warmer climates.

If butterflies are a result of having a crush, you may not want or need them to be cured, but they will go away on their own depending on how strong the attraction is. If you get butterflies frequently due to anxiety or overwhelming feelings, try exercising, doing yoga or thinking about anything other than the task on hand (giving a speech, for example.) If you can train yourself mentally how to think of funny memories or calming places (your “happy place” if you will,) this can help tremendously.

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