From carrot cake, to cheesecake, to everything chocolate, here are 28 of my favorite healthy Easter recipes.
If you want to choose just one to try, I recommend the carrot cake cupcakes – because they are a huge reader favorite every year! Then again, my own heart will always belong to cheesecake.
Hmmm, so maybe you should just make them all!
For even more healthy Easter recipes, be sure to check out my other chocolate, candies, and carrot cake recipes on the Healthy Dessert Recipes page. 5/5 (2)
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*Overwhelmed by awesomeness*
Wow! So many delicious treats here – thanks for sharing! I actually just posted up a three day vegan meal plan compilation today, hopefully you would approve 🙂 I didn’t add enough sweet treats there though, I realise that now after seeing this, dang! Hope you’re having a lovely weekend Missy! x
The pizzert and single serve muffin are staples in my weekly rotation. I LOVED the carrot carrot waffles when I tried them during winter (not a very Easter-like time, but it’s never a wrong time to have carrot cake). Of course I do these all GF and low fat, and I will attest to the fact that they are A+ creations! I’ve been eyeing that jelly roll and the snickerdoodle blondies for too long now….perhaps this is my calling!
Question on the jelly roll though: how does one make it GF? I see the link going to the pizzert, but mine always comes out extremely puffy and would break if I attempted to roll it. Wass up wit dat?
Hmm, still not sure. I only see the title in two places – in the sites’ URL and the large title of the post.
But this is clearly something that doesn’t matter at all, I was just surprised to see the number in the post. Did you do 39 so you could have even rows of 3? That’s probably what I would do so it was even.
The number of recipes that have been gathered up for this post is quite amazing o.O I’d also like to say hello – I’ve been following your blog for a ridiculously long time now (Over a year at least?) Its about time I spoke up and said thank you!
Firstly your recipes are wonderful, that goes without saying, but secondly, I believe its been largely due to them that I realised how I wouldn’t MISS anything, at least at home, if I made the transition from vegetarianism to veganism. Starting with your recipes (including the savoury ones!) introduced me to the whole world of veganism online, and once I had enough knowledge of vegan cooking, and was doing it regularly anyway, the switch happened so naturally I only really noticed it afterwards… It’s a huge deal for me because I’ve wanted to be vegan for a while, yet I always thought it would be difficult and irksome – its been anything but!
I’ve very recently started my own cooking blog, after being encouraged to by my sister. My food photography has a long way to go yet before it accurately represents the taste of its subjects, but I owe it to you that I ever even started making the food I’m so familiar with now. Thank you SO much.
Sorry for the essay!xp
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