Whether you’re looking for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a snack, there’s a way to add pumpkin to every meal of the day. All of our healthy canned pumpkin recipes are super speedy and delicious (canned pumpkin is usually quicker than fresh), but there are a couple of fresh pumpkin recipes mixed in, too. You’ll find healthy pumpkin soup recipes, healthy pumpkin muffins, and more!

If you’re not a coffee drinker, there’s a way to have pumpkin for breakfast that doesn’t involve a pumpkin spice latte. Just add a scoop of canned pumpkin to your morning oatmeal! Stir in dried apples and a few fall spices, and you’ll have a bowl of oatmeal that’s tastier and healthier than usual in just 15 minutes.

Canned pumpkin goes savory instead of sweet in this healthy pumpkin recipe. If you’re stuck brainstorming fall dinners, mix pumpkin with soy sauce, garlic, and water to turn it into a savory sauce. Serve over pork loin and linguine with a few crumbles of blue cheese for the tastiest pasta night of the season.

Not quite macaroni and cheese and not quite traditional Alfredo sauce, this pumpkin macaroni is even yummier than either one. Start with whole grain macaroni, then make a creamy sauce with a splash of white wine, evaporated milk, and a scoop of canned pumpkin. Add fresh kale to the mix, and this ultracomforting fall dinner just got healthier!

Even if you’re not serving pumpkin as your main entrée, you can still include it on the menu throughout the season by making a batch of this tasty pumpkin spread. Almost like pumpkin hummus, this recipe blends cannellini beans, canned pumpkin, and a few spicy seasonings to make this fiery orange spread. Include it on your dinner table with pita wedges for a tasty fall side dish or appetizer, or spread some on toast for a quick pumpkin snack.

Even on chilly fall mornings, it’ll be all smiles at the breakfast table when you flip these pumpkin pancakes onto plates. Canned pumpkin flavors the batter, but a few autumn spices (specifically cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger) will also help bring a taste of fall to your breakfast. Serve with toasted pumpkin seeds and maple syrup for a super-delish breakfast that will start your day on the right note.

A few chips and guacamole never hurt, especially when you make this fall-inspired pumpkin recipe. Instead of mashing your avocados to mush, leave the cubes a little chunky and mix them with pumpkin, jalapeño peppers, and crunchy roasted pumpkin seeds for a mouthwatering dip that will seriously test the strength of your chips. Who knew avocado and pumpkin would be a match made in appetizer heaven?

While this pumpkin soup recipe—filled to the brim with canned pumpkin, carrots, celery, and seasonings—is delicious all on its own, it’s worth the extra effort to serve it with spiced croutons on top. As the soup simmers, toss bread cubes with pumpkin pie spice and butter for fall-flavor croutons that will add crunch to your bowl of soup. Trust us: You’ll still be able to make this meal in 30 minutes.

OK—we’ll be honest. These healthy pumpkin muffins will take you a littlebit longer than 30 minutes to make (38 minutes total, to be exact). But the recipe is so good, we just couldn’t leave them out. Canned pumpkin and fresh blueberries both play a role in these yummy muffins, and they’re healthy enough to grab for breakfast or a snack without a second thought.

This morning smoothie really is faster than stopping for a PSL. Full of good-for-you ingredients like tofu, canned pumpkin, winter squash, and fresh apricots, this delicious smoothie is filled to the brim with fall flavors and produce. For your pumpkin spice fix, add a sprinkle of pumpkin pie spice to your blender (plus an extra pinch on top if you truly love pumpkin).

Five ingredients, 15 minutes: That’s all you need to make this deliciously creamy pumpkin soup recipe! This pumpkin soup with coconut milk and cannellini beans gets extra props for being hearty enough to serve as a main dish (there’s nothing this recipe can’t do). Serve with lime wedges to add extra zest, or sprinkle on red pepper flakes to make it spicy.

This easy chicken recipe has a lot more than just pumpkin when it comes to fall flavors. The rub includes cinnamon along with salt and pepper for a delicious chicken breast bursting with fall flavors. Pair the chicken with pumpkin-sage grits, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a meal that has fall written all over it.

Two favorite fall foods meet in one delicious soup recipe: pears and pumpkin! You’ll use canned pumpkin and pear nectar to give this fall soup its signature flavor, but that doesn’t mean you’ll miss out on the deliciousness of fresh pears. When you’re ready to serve, garnish each bowl with a few fresh pears slices for a gorgeous, tasty fall side dish.

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