Healthy Recipes for Kids: Pink Grapefruit Sparklers #Recipe

I couldn’t help but share these wonderful healthy recipes for kids, but I wanted to say thanks to the awesome people at Sparkling ICE for hooking us up with such fun healthy recipes for kids!  If you are not familiar with Sparkling ICE it is a zero calorie drink, that just taste amazing.  It’s naturally pink grapefruit flavored sparkling mountain spring water!  I know right, yummy!

I don’t know about you, but I am always on the lookout for healthy recipes for kids!  I try my best to be sure my kids eat healthy food, but also get to enjoy the sweeter things in life.  Sure I make them cookies and thing, but only now and again.  I really love coming across great healthy recipes for kids like this Pink Grapefruit Sparkler recipe!  Doesn’t it just sound amazing?

I am not sure if you already know or not, but October 14-18 is National School Lunch Week & October is Eat Better, Eat Together Month.  Time to start focusing on eating healthy, and looking for those healthy recipes for kids.  It’s a great time to have your kids help you with all your meal planning.  Plus it’s so much fun bonding with the kids while making something that is both yummy and healthy!  Can’t go wrong there!  So rather than picking up that soda, or those HIGH calorie energy drinks why not try Sparkling ICE!  Personally I love them, my kids and I drink them, and I am very exicted I can make healthy recipes for kids using Sparkling ICE.

I very rarely purchase sodas for my kids, but we always have Sparkling ICE beverages around.  If you haven’t tried them, THEY ROCK and I’m going to bet these fun healthy recipes for kids are pretty darn amazing too!

Healthy Recipes for Kids: Pink Grapefruit Sparklers Recipe