You’re going to love this Mediterranean fish balls. Fluffy swimming in a delightful red sauce made from pepper and paprika. This fish ball can fit a weekend lunch, weekday dinner, and even a holiday feast.
Following a low carb Mediterranean diet gives me so many options to eat more fish and even vegan meals which is great. I feel lighter and more energized than ever. This fish balls,  are a classic low carb Mediterranean dish that pairs great with a salad or coleslaw and a side of roasted veggies, on top of cauliflower rice and if you’re not strictly low carb you should try the vegetable buckwheat .
What i really love about this Mediterranean Fish Balls Recipe is that kids love it. The fish balls contain a lot of greens I add organic parsley and coriander. Guess what once cooked in the sauce you can’t see the greens so no complaints from the kids. a perfectly healthy and tasty dish to eat with the entire family.
Mediterranean Fish Balls Recipe Preparation
I forgot to mention but the fish balls are so easy to make. you don’t need to grind the fish. All you need is to get a fillet of white fish clean without the skin. For this recipe, i used drum fish. I recommend making the fish balls with one of the following fish: drum fish, grouper, hake or Nile perch. Those are all great fit for fish balls and are used in the Mediterranean kitchens a lot. If you can’t get any of these you can try a different white fish.
I decided to use the drum fish for 2 reasons. First, it was really fresh and looking good and the 2nd is that it was cheaper than the others.
Fish Preparation
For this Mediterranean recipe, we need to prepare the fish and the sauce. I start with the fish and you’ll see how easy it is. There is no need to grind the fish, simply cut the fish fillets into small cubes and stir it well with garlic, olive oil, high-quality salt, chopped onion, cilantro, parsley, turmeric, paprika, and black pepper. After I stirred everything well together I let it sit in the fridge for about 30 min. In the meantime, I make the sauce.
Making the Red Pepper Sauce
Making the sauce is really easy too. I preheat a big pan with olive oil and then fry the peppers. I like to combine a few different types of red pepper if you have. If you like spicy food adding your favorite spicy peppers is great. Let the peppers cook for about 3-4 min and when they soften add the garlic, chopped cilantro, paprika, turmeric, salt, and pepper.  Let it cook for another 2 min until you can smell wonderful seasoning smell. Add 2 glass of water and let it boil.
Adding the Fish Balls and Sauce
To finish the cooking take the fish marinade out of the fridge. Wet your hands and create small fish balls (don’t make them to big) and cook them in the boiling sauce. Close the pot with a lid and cook for 30 min. Serve hot.
Enjoy a beautiful tasty flourless low carb Mediterranean Fish Balls. Don’t forget to share your comments
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