It’s that time again – Super Bowl season!! For the first time in 6 years, we will be on the road for Super Bowl. We’ll be checking out a vegan food festival in DTLA (you can follow along my IG stories on that day!) and eating lots of amazing food! Until then, and in honour of how we usually spend our Super Bowl Sunday, I wanted to share with you my 25 favourite Vegetarian and Vegan Super Bowl Recipes from Jessica in the Kitchen! These are the recipes that’ll get you in tip top share for the ultimate game day!!

Also, anyone else really waiting for the end of Super Bowl, to go and watch This is Us?!

P.S. I have two more Game Day recipes coming to you before the big day! Some amazing buffalo “meat”balls and loaded nacho fries!! Check back for those! A lot of these recipes are also gluten free, but those that aren’t can be easily substituted (such as using corn tortillas instead of flour tortillas). Also, maybe only a few of these recipes are vegetarian, the rest of wholly vegan. You can easily sub honey for maple syrup and cheese for vegan cheese in those few recipes. Enjoy friends, and happy Super Bowl when it comes!

I hope you enjoyed this post on My 25 Favourite Vegetarian & Vegan Super Bowl Recipes! What will you be making and who is your team?!

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