Thank goooooooodness for Disney food friends! Sabrina (@everythingdisney.55) stopped into the Disneyland Hotel’s The Coffee House for some truly funk-i-fied doughnuts. And she shared her find with us!

The Coffee House is a cool spot — and not just because they serve up Dole Whip Floats!! But they don’t keep long hours here, so do check the times so you don’t miss out!

Disneyland Hotel Coffee House

Inside you’ll find the Floats, of course, but also a great little case of desserts and treats. Most of the options are pretty straightforward: bagels, muffins, coffee cake.

But we weren’t after straightforward. In fact, Sabrina was after the bold and exciting: specialty donuts! Yes, pls. (In case you miss the sweets here, you can grab some Summer of Heroes doughnuts over in Hollywoodland! Or those crazy decorated donuts in Disneyland by the castle! Or the Matterhorn Macaroon Donut! OK, I’ll stop. But, like, donuts are all the rage in Disneyland at the moment!)

And these are loaded with food personality! Just look at their delicious outfits! Umbrellas! Chocolate shards! Crumbles!

Specialy Doughnuts at The Coffee House

We know, we know: you must know more. Lucky for us all, Sabrina did the dirty work and tried all three! What a pal!

The Pineapple Coconut Delight donut is a definite must for lovers of tropical flavor combos. It’s a standard yeast doughnut covered with Green Tea Frosting, Chocolate Drizzle, Coconut, a dollop of Cream, and Pineapple skewered by a cocktail umbrella!

Pineapple Coconut Delight Donut

There’s a lot going on outside, but we all know that beauty comes from within. That’s where you’ll find a tasty sweet/tart Pineapple Filling. Sabrina say this makes the doughnut! It’s not just a pineapple jelly — it’s got bits of pineapple in it, giving it some texture and explosive flavor.

Pineapple Coconut Delight Doughnut

If you prefer some strawberry with your doughnut, the Royal Strawberry is for you! Bright Strawberry-Red Frosting is covered with Chocolate Swirls, Sweet-Salty Cookie Crumble, a dollop of Chantilly Cream, a fresh Strawberry, and a shard of Dark Chocolate.

Yeah, it’s busy. But inside you’ll discover Bavarian Chocolate Filling — and it’s crazy good! The only complaint: there’s not enough filling! Doughnut fillers, c’mon. But what’s there is tasty. We just want more.

The third gourmet doughnut option at The Coffee House is the Blueberry Candy doughnut. The Blueberry Frosting has actual blueberries in it, which is so cool. The rest of the toppings include a White Chocolate Drizzle, some Candied Caramel Almonds, Chantilly Cream, Fresh Blueberries, and a Shard of White Chocolate.

The caramelized almonds were awesome — such a great texture on top of the soft donut. It’s plump with Blueberry Filling, so yum! We lurve that deep blue color.

Blueberry Candy Doughnut Interior

At $5.49, these are a bit pricey, but they’re delicious and fun, and #doughnuts. (Or is it #donuts?) But Sabrina found these beauties are selling out quickly, with limited availability on subsequent visits. So be forewarned: you might wanna rope drop The Coffee House.

What’s your favorite resort treat? Let us know in the comments! 

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