Want to shake things up this Taco Tuesday? Or do you need meatless taco recipes for Lent? Well, these delicious and easy to make fish taco recipes are to die for!

When looking for a new way to make tacos, fish tacos definitely come to mind. With a different taste than the typical meat used for tacos, but with an assortment of flavors that is equally delicious. Why not give tilapia fish tacos or cod grilled fish tacos a try?

And what could be better than great tasting and easy fish tacos, how about easy, great tasting, and healthy. Fish tacos can be a healthier alternative with the right recipes, and they are included in this list.

Classic Fish Taco Recipes

The classic fish taco recipes are made without any effort and are the best tasting comfort food you will ever have. Meat tacos are great, but there is real no comparison to these easy fish tacos.

Whether for a night in or a light lunch, these tilapia fish tacos are perfect!

Fruit and Tilapia Fish Tacos

Its true when they say opposites attract, such as salty and sweet! Another take of the classic salty and sweet, will be these four delicious and appealing fried and grilled fish tacos with fruit.

The combinations of the saltiness, from the fish, and the punch of sweetness, from the fruit, truly make your taste buds run amok.

International Easy Fish Tacos

Traveling around the world can cost a fortune. But with these extraordinary fish taco recipes, you will be able to taste distinct seasonings from different cultures right in your kitchen.

Going out of your comfort zone and trying incredible and diverse flavors, will open your kitchen to new and exciting recipes. So, begin with these international, easy fish tacos.

Healthy Fish Taco Slaw Bowl

You can get the delicious taste, flavors, and sauces of the fish taco slaw without the tortilla. Fish taco bowls have become a new trend, and they are delicious…. and Instagram worthy.

So, try your first one with the help of these amazing fried or grilled fish tacos recipe.

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