Recipes for yogurt smoothies are popular the world over for their refreshing and nourishing qualities. In the Philippines they swear by their Avocado and Yogurt Smoothies. In the Caribbean, vendors whip up Pineapple Smoothies at street stalls. In Thailand they sell ice cold Coconut Smoothies. And in America, strawberry, banana and blueberry smoothies reign.

You can find international recipes for yogurt smoothies everywhere, from the internet to magazines to books. Just type yogurt smoothies into the search box on your internet browser and you will come up with thousands of resources to choose from.

Why is the topic so discussed? There are many reasons. For health reasons, people who need more calcium in their diet will search for recipes for yogurt smoothies that make their daily intake of calcium more palatable and fun with the addition of fruits and special flavorings. People who want to take in more natural probiotics into their diet can also make the daily chore more enjoyable by searching for interesting recipes for yogurt smoothies since yogurt has live natural probiotics. Babies can sip nutrient and calcium rich smoothies as a source of food before they can chew, so mothers will search for appealing recipes for yogurt smoothies for their babies. Nursing and pre-natal mothers want the recipes for yogurt smoothies to ensure they can add in vitamin and mineral supplements and natural raw vegetables and fruits so that they are consuming the very best for themselves and their unborn or nursing babies.

Athletes and runners will search for recipes for yogurt smoothies that incorporate body building ingredients and protein powders. The elderly and their caretakers will prepare smoothies for easier digestion and ease of consumption. Teenagers may want to utilize recipes for yogurt smoothies when they read about their favorite music or film stars following a healthy yogurt smoothie diet. People who have weight to lose will turn to recipes for yogurt smoothies that have enough fiber to fill them up with a minimum of calories. They can drink several a day and still lose weight.

The beauty of yogurt smoothies is that they are versatile enough to act as a blank canvas for people to design their own version to fit their needs. You can make them in blenders with frozen or fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, herbs, wheatgrass, raw eggs, vitamin powders, protein powders, or milk. Thick Greek style yogurt works well in recipes for yogurt smoothies. And if you are having one just for fun, you can even add a scoop of ice cream!

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