Rock Recipes TOP TEN Cake Recipes is now our TOP 25 Cake recipes. Love homemade cakes from scratch? Get all the most popular recipes from the last 12 years here on Rock Recipes.

Rock Recipes TOP 25 Cake Recipes

This post was first written back in 2013 but I’ve updated it today to include some new entries to the top ten. PLUS I’ve expanded the collection to include the 25 most baked cakes by our followers in the last 12 years!

There were some surprises in there since the last time the post was updated. The position of our Apple Upside Down Cake in particular surprised me. It climbed a long way to where it sits now.

All of the cakes in our TOP 25 cake recipes are outstanding desserts for any occasion. From the first day I started writing this recipe blog we have been featuring delicious dessert cakes.

Any of them are fit for any occasion you can name; from family dinners to any celebration. Now, over 11 years later I have published well over 100 cake recipes on this website.

I’ve crunched the numbers to come up with our top 25 most popular cake recipes over that time.

These are all dessert cakes and not heavier cakes like Christmas Fruitcakes, but if you want to take a look, we have a collection of .

Best Newfoundland Christmas Cake Recipes

Don’t stop at this list, though, just type “cake” into the search box on this page and you will discover dozens more great cake recipes. Enjoy!

Top Ten cake recipes photo collage with title text for PinterestNUMBER 25 

Chocolate Stout Cake with Irish Cream Truffle Filling & Chocolate Whisky Glaze

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