Sesame Rose Milk |…. the not-nut milk!! I talked a few posts back about my nut allergy, and how sesame seed has been my go-to. That hasn’t changed, and when nut milks started popping up around the web, I became desperately jealous and started to think about what I could do. This was dormant until I saw my beautiful friend Lily’s post on orange blossom pistachio milk. Oh, it was just the most poetic combination I’d ever seen. For some reason, I’m allergic to all tree nuts except for pistachios, so for once, I could really imagine what it tasted like. I know I’m an anomaly, so I wanted something that someone who is allergic to all tree nuts could eat – sesame milk! Sesame seeds soaked overnight is blended with steeped rose tea into a milky, frothy drink that I can’t stop drinking and adding to everything.
Sesame Rose Milk |

Sesame Rose Milk |

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Sesame Rose Milk | bettysliu.comSesame Rose Milk | bettysliu.comSesame Rose Milk | bettysliu.comBlack sesame often takes the forefront when it comes to desserts or treats, often due to its beautiful silvery-grey color when mixed. Have you seen black sesame ice cream? It’s beautiful, and delicious! The taste of both kinds of sesame seeds are very similar – the difference is subtle. Black sesame has a nuttier, almost more complex flavor, while white sesame is the sweeter counterpart while retaining its nuttiness. However, today I want to highlight white sesame, which are unhulled. For a milk, I thought white sesame might produce a more mellow version, paired well with rose, and my thoughts were spot on! I’m intrigued enough that I’ll probably make a black sesame milk soon, but today, let’s talk about white sesame milk.

Sesame Rose Milk | bettysliu.comSesame Rose Milk | bettysliu.comSesame Rose Milk |

Seed/nut milks are simple. They are soaked in white for a few hours or overnight, and then blended with water until creamy and smooth. I was skeptical at first about how it would turn out – the steeped rose tea took on a reddish brown hue, but when the two are pureed together, the white pulpy seeds dominated the mixture and yielded this beautiful, milky and frothy drink. The taste is as you’d expect – nutty, sesame-y, with the fragrance of rose and a natural touch of bitterness. I thought a heaping tablespoon of honey was fine, but I’m also used to drinking unsweetened soy milk, to give a reference. My husband thought by itself the milk was a bit too bitter, but I actually enjoy that natural flavor. My favorite way to drink this is warmed up with a sliver of fresh ginger and another dash of honey. I’ve been using it as a base for smoothies, oatmeal, and even sauces!

Sesame Rose Milk | bettysliu.comSesame Rose Milk | bettysliu.comSesame Rose Milk |

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