Cakes are one of the most favorite sweets in the world for everyone.

In the following lines, we will look at the curious story of some of the most famous and loved cakes. And of course, will give attention to the famous cakes in Sheffield, made according to family recipes.

Hungary is known with the Esterházy cake. The almond cake and chocolate are named after a Hungarian diplomat, foreign minister in 1848. It is made from 5 protein almond marshes, glued with cream cheese with cognac. It is covered with white glaze, on which there is a chocolate net.

In New Zealand, the most famous one is Cake Pavlova. The cake is made of kisses, crushed cream, and fresh berries – strawberries, macaroons or raspberries. She has the name of the ballerina Anna Pavlova, which she had performed in the country in 1926.

From the USA, there is the Boston Cake. This cake is the very perfection and ease. It is believed that her filling of cream and her air swab will not give an effect to our figure.

Austria is really famous for its Sacher’s cake. This world famous chocolate cake owes its existence to the famous confectioner of the same name. It is made of several chocolate marshes, glued with apricot jam and completely covered with chocolate glaze. It is covered with cream.

If you go to Germany, definitely try cake Dobush. These are 6 layers of sponge cake, saturated with chocolate cream and caramel glaze, a favorite cake of the Austro-Hungarian Empress Elizabeth.

And of course, the Napoleon Cake. Recipe is known since 1651, described by Pierre de la Varenne, and later improved by Marie-Antoine Karem. There are several theories about its origins. According to one of them, her name is associated with the Italian city of Naples, where they made it for the first time. In fact, this is a French dessert known as “milfoeio” – “a thousand leaves”. Prepare 3 layers of puff pastry and 2 layers of pastry cream, sprinkled with cocoa, powdered sugar or crushed nuts.

This is proof that the cakes are the favorite dessert of people all around the world. These names are well-known and most of us have tried it.

But nowadays, there is one new trend in Sheffield cakes which is also very attractive to the people. It is the home-made cakes, which everybody loves. By taste, they bring us back in the years when our mother or grandmother has prepared us a homemade cake. The taste is incomparable and reminiscent of our childhood.

For example, one of the best places where you can buy cake and sweets in Sheffield offers unique creations, made according to family recipes. It is well known that the home-made cake has its specific taste which leaves us with no words. They also use their little secret – their home-made syrups which make the Sheffield cakes even better. The place is called Maria’s cakes, Sheffield.

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