Last month I stopped blogging during the mid month and didn’t even visit the blog for a week. I was so sick and had no energy to even sit up. So I just stopped blogging. And even after I healed, I didn’t get my mojo to begin blogging. So another week passed by being very lazy and recovering. That is why the blog was so silent these days.

Every month we in the BM group do round up posts of themes we blogged about for that month. If you remember, I made some delicious single serve sweets during the second week. And the theme was also chosen by other members of the group. This round up will help us to collect all those delicious recipes in a single page.

The problem with making sweets is we tend to over eat. So when I make a huge bowl of rasmalai or any other sweet, I just can’t stop at one. I know every one go through this. That is the very reason this theme was thought up by Srivalli. When you make single portion in sweets, you can enjoy without over eating. I made sugar free sweets just for myself but my friends have made some delicious drool worthy sinful treats as a single portion. So it helps with your cravings or your child’s. Check out the amazing desserts we have lined up for you. So if you have craving for sweets, then just go through this post to decide what you want.

Click on the photos for the recipe.

Chocolate Mug Cake With Gems

Eggless Banana Mug Cake

Eggless MW Vanilla Mug Cake

Melon Balls in Lavender Orange Syrup

Single Serve Fruit Salad

Sugar Free Chhenna Poda

Sugar Free Icecream Sandesh

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