Milk N Cookies, a cookie cafe & cereal bar, opens in Mamaroneck.
Mark Vergari,


Whether you’re the kind of person who always drains the last of the milk in your cereal bowl when the Frosted Flakes, Fruity Pebbles or Captain Crunch is gone, or if you’re more of a cookies and milk fan, the news that Milk N Cookies is opening Jan. 12 in Mamaroneck should be music to your ears. 

Dutchess Cookies — Milk N Cookies is an official Westchester vendor — are $4.25; regular cookies are $4.

There are also cereal-infused milkshakes and ice cream, along with hot chocolate and lots of coffee and tea choices. In addition, customers will find vegan and gluten-free ice cream, cookie and cereal options.

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