Day is one of the most important holidays in America.

It’s about celebrating our history and
heritage, commemorating those who remind us that freedom is precious, and it’s
about getting together with friends and family to make the celebration even

Some of the most memorable summertime moments are outdoor
cookouts and barbecues, enjoying the nature, delightful aromas in the air,
refreshing drinks and scrumptious food, laughing and playing games with people
we care about.

4th of July celebration is also about watermelon and fireworks, corn on the cob
and snacks, popsicles and swimming pools.
And, a good barbecue; because, without it, it’s like Christmas without a

Once you’ve selected the perfect type of meat, it’s time to
gather other ingredients that can turn your dish from good into
extraordinary. And what better way
to enhance flavors of your grilled meat, vegetables, or seafood, than with
perfect spices for rubs and marinades!

celery sticks and hummus are so healthy and also tasty – for your Independence
Day celebration we picked some recipes to show that the Land of the Free and
the Home of the Brave deserves nothing but the best.

This year, elevate your 4th of July barbecue
with these appetizing, mouth-watering, yet super easy to make steak rub recipes
for grilling:

Seasoned Steak

For a truly amazing backyard barbecue experience, try this game
changer – Weaver Gourmet Barbeque Seasoning.

You can simply sprinkle an even coating on the steak
after placing meat onto the grill.
For extra depth, coat meat lightly with olive oil, rub the
seasoning, and cover the steak on all sides. Let stand at room temperature for half an hour
and then grill on a very hot grill, 3-4 minutes per side for medium rare on a 1”
thick steak.

This carefully crafted gourmet seasoning includes all of the
succulent, bold flavors that people love so much on the grill.

This seasoning’s perfect flavor combination is not great just for
steak, use it for ribs, pulled pork, chicken, and even vegetables.

Seasoned Steak

If you like smoke flavors on your grilled meat, be sure to try Weaver Gourmet Smoke Steak Seasoning. All you have
to do is rub meat with this delicious blend – it will elevate steaks, pork, chicken, or fish with evocative hints of smoke to recreate
the flavors of the sizzling summer grill wherever you sprinkle this savory

This steak seasoning is a complex, fresh-tasting combination of
big and extravagant spices that will send your taste buds singing with bold smoky flavors!

Carolina Rub
Meat and Veggies

We wanted to pay homage to the likely birthplace of American barbecue,
Carolina, so we handcrafted this gourmet barbecue rub that is sure to make everyone’s
taste buds jump with joy.

Weaver Gourmet Carolina Rub is a
masterpiece featuring flavor-enhancing seasonings such as onion, garlic,
celery, smoky paprika, and some molasses sweet notes with a touch of brown

Use it as a
fabulous pork, brisket and chicken rub.
Also, it will bring your roasted potatoes and grilled veggies to a whole
new level.

Opting for Kebabs are an easy way to serve a hungry crowd in no
time – cutting the meat into small pieces allows it to cook quickly and
uniformly, and simply sprinkle or rub each piece with one of Weaver Gourmet
seasonings for unforgettable, delicious flavors.

Yes, that was a lot of love for BBQ and grilling.

Now, time to make sure there are enough yummy sweets for everyone’s sweet tooth; so remember to include a
nice assortment of pies, ice creams, and, perhaps, many people’s old time
favorite – marshmallows.

Or, you can get really creative and express your patriotic side in a fun and delicious
way – by melting some chocolate into the Weaver Nut USA themed candy molds,
such as the 
Flag Chocolate Mold.

Add your final touches decorating
with patriotic colors
, and don’t forget to have some red, white, and blue candy!

Get your spices, steak rubs for grilling, candies,
sweets, nuts, and more at Weaver Nut Snacks and Sweets now and have everything
ready for memorable celebrations.

Happy 4th of July, everybody! 

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