Vegetarian Sushi Recipes That Don’t Use Raw Fish

If you think you can’t have sushi because you’re a vegetarian or just not much of a raw fish fan, think again. There are some pretty genius interpretations of “sushi” that have absolutely nothing to do with raw fish—and even sushi lovers will appreciate the kitchen creativity shown below. Take a break from your usual takeout and try one of these brilliant spins on sushi. Chopsticks encouraged.

Rainbow Sushi

With natural pink pitaya and blue spirulina, this rainbow-colored sushi bowl is packed with healthy superfood powders. And brightening your plate is simple. Just add the colorful ingredients to the rice before cooking, and you’re set.

Doughnut Sushi

Merge two of your favorite foods—doughnuts and sushi—that typically would never be paired together in this unicorn-colored treat. (Bad day? The rainbow unicorn trend is the pick-me-up you need.) Colored rice (to be fair, we don’t know exactly how those colors came to be) is molded into a ring shape with slices of healthy-fat avocado and crunchy sesame sprinkled on top.


A sushi and burrito? The perfect duo. Stuff a seaweed-sticky rice wrap with basically whatever you want. Here, falafel, purple sweet potato fries, cucumber slices, and beet horseradish make for a colorful, savory lunch with a kick. (Never tried purple sweet potatoes? Check out these different colored vegetables that pack a big nutrition punch.)

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Banana Sushi

It doesn’t get much easier than this. Banana “sushi” is nothing more than a strategically sliced banana (potassium, carbs, and fiber…yay) with a smear of chocolate and crushed pistachios on top. You could go with the classic combo and use peanut butter, too, and then sprinkle slivered almonds on top. Either way, this means you can have sushi for breakfast or dessert.

Sushi Burger

Vegetarian burgers are cool and all, but a vegan sushi burger takes plant-based eating to a whole other delicious level. Spicy tofu is layered with avocado, carrots, cabbage, and pickled ginger between a spicy-rice bun spread with a chipotle-cashew dream sauce.

Fruit Sushi

Swap fish for fruit and you get “frushi,” a naturally sweet snack that’s portable and easy to make. Plus, it’s fun to mix and match with different fruits, like kiwi, strawberry, fig, peach, or pineapple. You can wrap it, so the fruit’s inside the roll, or just layer it on top of rice. Either way, it’s healthy and fun.

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